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"We Serve Our Customers with

Diligence and Support Them in Their Endeavors"

About us

For E-Covima, global sourcing means building and maintaining long-term relationships with international partners, enabling us to consistently offer seafood of the highest quality to our customers. We compliment our portfolio by sourcing our products from North America, Africa, South America and the Far East. Examples of these products include Nile Perch, Gamba, Red Snapper, Grouper, Black Bream, Red Bream, Striped Bass, Yellowfin Tuna, Walleye … Customers choose E-Covima products with confidence, because rigorous standards in our demanding quality assurance programs ensure that our supply partners meet the same stringent specifications required by the demanding North American customers standards.

Our expertise in the Seafood Sourcing Process begins with researching the specific markets future demand trends and global supply opportunities.

It is only after undertaking home-based research, exploratory trips, technical plant visits, and home-based QA inspections of sample shipments that our Global Sourcing Team may decide to proceed with a new supply relationship. Once a commitment is made, we will share the knowledge, support, and training with our supply partners through ongoing, regular visits, enabling E-Covima to take an active role in the production, quality assurance, and logistics of our globally sourced products.

During these plant visits, we also conduct periodic audits to ensure the ongoing maintenance of ISO 9001 and HACCP approved quality assurance programs. E-Covima's growth will ultimately lead us into a company with global strength. By securing our supply source and keeping the quality in processing under constant monitoring, we can assure traceability, efficiency in logistics, and continuous innovation.

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